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About Us Overview

About Us Overview

Doyle E. Yoder, CPA

Businesses and individuals in the greater Sacramento region have looked to Yoder & Company to fulfill their financial, advisory, and business needs since the firm was founded by Doyle E. Yoder, CPA in 1975.

A Strong Mature Firm

Our public accounting firm provides clients with a variety of services to safeguard their assets, complement their business objectives, and grow and retain wealth. Yoder & Company is a strong and mature firm with a solid reputation in the community. We utilize the latest technology to maintain confidentiality and provide quality services in a timely manner. We take pride in providing a level of service that allows clients to focus on their important business and personal interests.



Emphasis on Quality Control



Yoder & Company places a strong emphasis on quality control. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) requires that all member CPA firms have their Quality Control Program reviewed every three years by another CPA firm. Our first quality review in 1991 resulted in an unqualified opinion with no letter of comment. All of Yoder & Company's subsequent reviews have resulted in unqualified opinions, demonstrating the consistency and effectiveness of our quality control.

Change is our Advantage

While the Office of the Future is always in the future, we recognize the tremendous impact technology plays in changing our expectations of the way we work. Collaboration software, mobile apps and communication devices enable us to be more efficient and to work anytime and anywhere.

As the nature of the workplace continues to change, Yoder & Company embraces these changes to the advantage of our clients and our team.