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Estates and Trusts

Estates & Trusts

Individuals create Estates, Trusts, Foundations, Endowments and other devices for wealth transfer and charitable activities.

Estates are assets owned by an individual. A legal estate is created when an individual with assets dies. Wills and trusts are plans for dispersing assets to designated heirs and beneficiaries and minimizing taxes. There are many types of trusts including Living, Testamentary, Charitable, Qualified Personal Residence, and Life Insurance trusts.

Effective estate and trust planning will define how to disburse your estate to avoid complications, ensure your wishes are followed and contribute to the financial security of loved ones. It will facilitate the transfer of assets to heirs and beneficiaries while minimizing taxes today and in the future. Personal representatives or trustees of an estate or trust are responsible for the faithful stewardship of its assets and have certain fiduciary responsibilities.

At Yoder & Company, we consider Estates & Trusts a service unto itself because of the unique laws and liabilities associated with these types of fiduciary entities. We provide the following services to Estates & Trusts: tax management; consulting & planning; financial reporting & accounting; and other custom services. We work closely with attorneys to develop plans tailored to our client's individual needs.