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Doyle E. Yoder, CPA


Doyle E. Yoder, CPA began his public accounting profession in a small and progressive CPA firm in Indiana. There he experienced a well-managed reputable firm with exceptional standards. In 1969, Doyle brought the strong accounting foundation gained in Indiana to Sacramento. He joined the firm of Newton, Morgan & Islip, contributing to that firm for more than five years.

Doyle established his own firm in 1975. Other Certified Public Accountants were added in 1979 as the firm grew. In 1981 he purchased land, changed the zoning, and built the 7,700 square foot office building the firm occupies today.


Early in 2002, the firm refined their strategic planning and formalized their Mission Statement.

Throughout the years, Yoder & Company has stood by their commitment to produce a quality product to exacting standards, while offering exceptional service to their clients.