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We have selected a professional suite of accounting software designed for Certified Public Accounting firms and their clients which is highly functional and integrated.

This software plus the Microsoft Office suite and our electronic records system (File Cabinet CS™) provides a comprehensive package of software sufficient for most accounting and reporting functions.

The financial reports and returns prepared by Yoder & Company can be delivered via your NetClient portal using Document Presentation and you can login and print selected reports anytime. This capability is convenient and enhances productivity.

Microsoft Office Suite

A current version of Microsoft Office suite is available in our NetClient portal. It includes the following:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • OneNote 2
  • PowerPoint


Accounting CS™


, an always-on connection to your accounting information

Accounting CS offers a completely new way to work - 24/7, in real time, from any high-speed Internet connection in the world. It’s as easy as online banking or shopping, and it’s completely secure.

You can instantly post your transactions for banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. After Yoder & Company has reviewed your transactions and made our adjustments to the accounting, payroll and vendor records, we issue our Compiled Financial Statements. If you have engaged us to prepare your compliance tax returns, we issue quarterly payroll reports, annual W2's and 1099's, property and sales tax returns.

Yoder & Company is proud to license and support this software. With Accounting CS, you can:

  • Record bank activity including deposits, ATM activity, debits, credits, and transfers
  • Handle paperless direct-deposit transactions
  • Reconcile bank transactions with ease
  • Handle check writing, accounts payable and payroll
  • Utilize our generic accounts receivable program for certain industries
  • See adjustments and notes from your accountant instantly
  • Get help from your accountant easily with real-time online collaboration
  • Manage business activity and financial data for multiple business locations or work sites from one central location
  • Run certain up-to-date reports at any time during the reporting period
  • Request custom reports


State-of-the-art security within the accounting software suite provides an extensive system of access controls that allows you to selectively grant access to various sub-programs and reports on a "need to know" basis. Confidentiality of records is not an issue.




Electronic File Cabinet



File Cabinet CS is an electronic File Cabinet in the cloud which allows you to safely store, access and manage your documents. Costs savings are realized by:

  • More efficient methods of filing and managing documents
  • Reduced costs of space, paper and labor
    • Improved productivity due to:
    • instance access anytime from anywhere
    • multiple users accessing documents simultaneously
    • reduction in misplaced or lost files
    • easy-to-use software features such as sort options and filtering


Methods of filing document include: scanning; printing directly from another program; importing or embedding documents that can be updated such as Word and Excel.


Users can access, manage and disseminate documents by:

  • Printing them to hard copy format
  • Emailing them to desired recipients
  • Archiving them to another location while still being accessible when needed.
  • Restricting users ability to access, copy, move or delete documents
  • Annotating them with text, highlights and audio and printing them with or without the annotations.
  • Deleting them per company file retention policies


MyPay™ Payroll


For more advanced Payroll and Human Resources capabilities, Yoder & Company recommends the "My Pay" payroll system which integrates with the Accounting CS software and is supported by Yoder & Company. They offer a cloud-based payroll service that you and your employees can access anytime from any location.

MyPay™ is a comprehensive payroll service offered thru Thomson Reuters. This service allows you to let the payroll professional process your payroll, make payroll tax deposits and file payroll tax filings on time. Besides the normal functions of most payroll systems, advanced functions include the ability to process payroll in multiple states, track benefits, order background checks, and more. For additional information on the various levels of payroll services provided by Yoder & Company, see the Payroll & Payment of Obligations service.

Other Internet Services

To transfer files securely or sign agreements electronically in a convenient and timely manner, Yoder & Company uses other Internet solutions as follows:

  • For secure file transfer, we utilize the Sharefile™ product by Cisco. This is used for individuals who do not need a NetClient portal.
  • For legal documents and client authorizations that require a client's signature, we utilize the RightSignature™ product by Cisco. With this service, you can sign a document electronically and return it to us using a computer or remote device such as a smart phone or tablet.