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Businesses, Nonprofits & Other Entities

Business, Nonprofit & Other Entities


Businesses & Nonprofits are Groups of Individuals


An accounting entity is a clearly defined economic unit which engages in identifiable economic activities, controls economic resources (for which accounting records are maintained and periodic financial statements are prepared) and is distinct from the personal dealings of its' owners or employees.

It includes businesses such as corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, and nonprofit organizations. It also includes entities such as employee benefit plans, estates and trusts with particular accounting and tax requirements that require the services of an accounting firm familiar with these complex requirements.

Yoder & Company serves all of these entities. We take particular satisfaction in helping the small to medium-sized business meet their goals. We provide clients with a variety of services to safeguard their assets, complement their objectives, and grow their business.

Businesses, nonprofits and other entities require professional advisors with knowledge of their industry, entity and size. The industries and entities we serve include:


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