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Payroll and Payments

Payroll & Payments


Including Payment of Obligations



Organizations may choose to “out source” all or part of their payroll and payment of obligations for various reasons.


We understand that the size and complexity of an organization's payroll and payables will dictate the level of service needed. We can provide various levels of services as follows:

  • Our clients will prepare payroll and pay bills themselves, and Yoder & Company can assist them as needed.
  • Our clients may utilize their own software or they may utilize Yoder & Company's integrated payroll and payment software in our secure Internet portal.
  • Our clients might decide to outsource their entire payroll function. Yoder & Company highly recommends a particular payroll service that integrates with our accounting software and can handle complicated payrolls and has added functionality for benefit tracking and workman's compensation reporting with access to background checks and more.


Following are some of the payroll and payment services available to our clients:


  • Payment of bills & obligations such as invoices, bills, house payments and other recurring payments
  • Vendor reports and 1099 reporting
  • Payroll preparation and assistance
  • Federal and state payroll tax filings and W2s
  • Assistance with cafeteria plans and retirement plans
  • Withholdings for taxes, employee benefits, garnishments, etc
  • Employee lists & earnings reports
  • Workers Compensation, Employee Benefit reports
  • Various methods of payment including direct deposit or check payments
  • Monitor checkbook balances through bank reconciliation & review of check registers


Whichever level of service you need, you will enjoy some of the following benefits:


  • Customized service, flexibility and prompt response time
  • Confidentiality of payroll and disbursements
  • Reduces worries about potential penalties and ever-changing laws and tax rates
  • Increased accuracy because it is being done by experienced accounting staff and supervised by CPAs
  • Employee turnover, absences and computer processing failures do not affect the payroll or payment function
  • Eliminates the time and cost of hiring and training employees with specialized skills
  • Cost savings due to efficiencies resulting from dealing with our firm for both your accounting and payroll support
  • Enables you to focus on your core business and personal interests


Visit our Solutions web pages for information on how we can make your life more convenient using our secure Internet portal and Software as a Service in the cloud.