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NetClient Portal

NetClient Portal

Your personal NetClient portal is easy to use and our clients like the convenience of working when and where they are most productive. It takes advantage of cloud computing technology which hosts your applications and data at secure, off-site data centers.

To access these services, you simply login to your own password-protected portal from any location using your Internet browser. Click on the programs and reports you need and the server locates all the devices available to your computer so you can print and scan as needed.

Working in the cloud is better because you get the benefits of the latest technology including:

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • No software updates or data backup
  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Advanced level of security that includes:
    • Built in redundancy including multiple data locations, Internet connections, and power sources keep you up and running at all times
    • Secure password protection provides you with worry-free access
    • 256-bit encryption protects your data as it travels between off-site data systems, our firm, and your computer
    • State-of-the-art security at the portal level lets you grant access to everyone you choose, and no one you don’t For example, if two partners in your company each have their own portal, we can post personal tax returns to their portal that would not be accessible to the other partner. Only the company reports you choose would be available to both partners. You can selectively grant access to only those programs and reports each user needs to perform their job.

When your portal is established, you automatically get:

  • Document Presentation which enables us to deliver your financial reports and tax returns via your NetClient portal instead of or in addition to a mailing method. This enables you to view your reports immediately from anywhere in the world. Partners and officers can receive and view their reports in either hard-copy or electronic format, according to their preference.
  • File Exchange which enables Yoder & Company and our clients to securely upload and download any document via your portal. This easy exchange method is useful for collaborating or transferring files that are confidential or too large to be emailed.
  • Stock Quotes to track your stocks
  • News developed by your firm
  • Links defined by your firm for your company's frequently used web sites

Depending upon your needs, you can add:

  • Accounting CS suite of software that includes: check writing; accounts payable; payroll and payroll tax returns; accounts receivable; general ledger; and financial reports.
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Electronic File Cabinet for storing your records
  • Web Employee which enables your employees to view and print check stubs and W-2s. Using this product reduces employee’s questions and requests for copies of lost W-2s.
  • "My Pay" Payroll Service for more advanced payroll and Human Resources capabilities