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At Yoder & Company Our Focus is on the Individual


Individuals representing themselves and their family are involved in a variety of roles, responsibilities and interests. Their specific circumstances dictate the kind of services they require from Yoder & Company.


Individuals and families are responsible for planning and managing their finances and complying with tax and reporting responsibilities. Parents or guardians represent the interests and goals of children which include education planning such as 529 plans. Handicapped family members may require planning for their special needs when the parent is no longer available. Adult sons and daughters may be responsible for the physical care or financial decisions of elderly parents.


Certain life events are experienced by almost everyone at some point in their life. Consult with your CPA and visit our "Resources" web pages for financial guides and tax tips if you are considering issues related to: getting married or divorced; death of a loved one, buying a new car or donating a vehicle to charity; making a charitable contribution or a gift; buying or selling your home; obtaining a student loan; saving for college; starting, expanding, transferring or selling a business; investing in a business; estate planning; or receiving a financial windfall.

Older adults and seniors may be planning for retirement or long-term health care needs, taking distributions from retirement plans, determining when to gift a portion of their estate, deciding on when to take Social Security, and considering Medicare and supplementary insurance issues. For our senior clients who do not wish to burden their relatives with payment of their bills or managing their other financial affairs, Yoder & Company has services to pay bills and prepare payroll for their in-house caregivers, housekeepers, and other help.

As a member of the Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations, they may be responsible for maintaining their nonprofit status and ensuring that reports and returns are filed according to the rules.

For wealth transfer and philanthropic purposes, individuals create various legal entities such as trusts and private foundations. An Estate is created upon the death of an individual. As the Trustee of an estate or trust, they are responsible for the faithful stewardship of assets that affect other beneficiaries, and have some liability considerations in that role. As charitable citizens, they may contribute to various nonprofit entities such as charities and political, religious or other causes.

Differing economic circumstances require different services. Clients who travel frequently, own multiple homes or have more than one office location need flexibility on when and where they work. They rely on our secure Internet (cloud) solutions for sending and receiving reports and documents, signing tax authorizations and agreements, collaboration, payment of obligations, payroll, etc.

Yoder & Company has extensive experience with the special needs of high-income and high-net-worth individuals with esoteric income streams such as oil & gas, stock options, and other forms of compensation or types of resources. Income emanating from multiple entities, states or countries present complex tax issues. For example, if income tax applies, sports professionals must file tax returns in every state & locality in which they play.

For life's personal and business needs, Yoder & Company has a service that can help. We can help you make sense of your financial and tax situations, avoid surprises and plan to achieve your financial goals while complying with the complex requirements of tax and regulatory agencies.

Employees of an organization are faced with decisions such as compensation methods, employee benefit plans, retirement plans, exercise of stock options, taking a sabbatical, and more. Deciding to accept an offer from another company may include relocation costs, selling and buying a home, disruption of a spouse's career and other issues. Conversations with your accountant can help you decide.

Entrepreneurs starting up a new business or managing an established business or nonprofit organization look to Yoder & Company for advice on: choice of entity; setting up accounting systems and internal controls; budgeting and cash-flow projections; obtaining and maintaining appropriate tax-status; profitability analysis and revenue enhancement; business structuring; risk assessment; strategic planning; equipment acquisitions; employee benefit plans; planning for succession; and issues relating to the sale, dissolution, and merging of businesses.

Visit our Services web pages for information on how we can help you with your tax, consulting, accounting records, reporting and other requirements.

Our Solutions web pages provides information on how we can make your business more efficient using our secure Internet portal and Software As A Service (SAAS).