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Five Questions to Ask Accountants in Sacramento, CA

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 23 2017

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to estimate that there are thousands of accountants in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding area. However, accounting is much like any other profession in that some firms and accountants are inherently better at their jobs than others. Don’t you want the best person for the job when it comes to dealing with something as important as your money? Here are a few questions to ask an accountant before you ask him or her handle your finances:


  • What are your fees? It should come to as no surprise that all accountants charge fees for their services. After all, they’ve got to earn a living. The difference in costs from firm to firm can be enormous, but often times using a more expensive firm is worth the money. A more expensive firm usually offers more services and has better accountants.
  • What are your qualifications? Again, all accountants aren’t created equal. While we all have the same basic level of schooling, some accountants possess certain certifications that make them more qualified to handle your finances. You can bet that everyone on our staff is highly trained and certified to take on basically any task you can think of!
  • What do you specialize in? While we’ll likely never be faced with a life or death situation, accountants are kind of like doctors. Just like in the medical field, different accountants specialize in different areas. You wouldn’t go to a urologist if you have a headache, so don’t go to a corporate accountant if you just need help filing your personal taxes! We can handle a variety of different matters. From corporate accounting and consulting services to simple tax filing, we do it all.
  • Can you help me with taxes? This is the time of year when we see an influx of clients coming in needing help filing their taxes. While we’d love to assist everyone, we might be too booked to fit anymore clients into our busy schedules. Be sure to schedule appointments as early as you can to ensure you get all of the help you need.
  • How can I get a hold of you? Frequent communication is one of the biggest keys to a successful relationship between accountants and their clients. Before you agree to signing any papers, make sure you have a way to get in contact with your accountant. Whether it’s by phone, email or face-to-face communication, your accountant should be available to speak with you about your finances on a regular basis.

We want you to choose the best person to handle all of your finances and take care of your taxes. We’re confident that all of our accountants in Sacramento, CA can do a superb job. Give Yoder & Co., CPA a call today to set up an appointment with one of our professionals. We’re happy to answer any of the above questions, as well as any others you may think of, and we look forward to assisting you soon!