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Certified Public Accountants: More than just Taxes

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 23 2017

For many people, the thought of hiring a certified public accountant isn’t even considered until tax season rolls around. But accountants don’t just sit around waiting for tax season—their work is quite important throughout the entire year.

Accountants are heavily involved in a variety of industries, including healthcare, real estate, construction and even individual non-business needs. A CPA can help you with everything from tax preparation and auditing to financial planning. Unlike an accountant, a CPA has earned the title through extensive education, licensing and experience. Even the most financially savvy people can benefit from the work of an accountant.

Here are just a few ways a certified public accountant in Sacramento, CA can benefit you and your small business—even outside of tax season:

Personal financial planning

Any family can benefit tremendously from having a CPA take a look at their financial state. A trained CPA can help you and your loved ones plan for the future by helping you determine the best decisions when it comes to planning for retirement, saving for college, interpreting your benefits or when weighing a major career decision. A professional will build a close client relationship that adds long-term value. Your CPA will help you identify the best decisions for both you and your loved ones.

Business planning

Operating a small business can be intimidating. Most business owners do not enter their chosen industry with a degree in accounting. Luckily for you, a CPA can help you navigate your way through complicated tax terms and assist in planning for future needs of the business. Most CPA’s recommend meeting periodically to assess your company strategy. This way you’ll know what challenges to anticipate before they compromise your business.

A CPA can also assist with building a budget, increasing profitability and identifying areas where costs can be reduced. Any business owner knows these aspects are crucial to running a successful business. So stop worrying about managing the budget and shift your focus to what really matters when it comes to your business by hiring a CPA.

Tax planning

Tax management can be incredibly complicated. With tax laws changing sporadically, it can be difficult for any business or home owner to keep up with all the new rules. A CPA can help you navigate the complicated world of taxes. By meeting regularly with your CPA, they can help you minimize taxes and avoid steep penalties.

But smart tax planning isn’t something that can be done two weeks before your taxes are due. Ensuring you are able to hang on to your hard earned cash entails communicating regularly with your CPA about any changes in marital status, new loans, buying a home or new incomes. This way, filing your taxes will be a breeze once April rolls around!

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